February 4, 2018
Sundays 9:00 am WKYT Channel 27-2
It is requested that all children under the age of five stay in our nursery
so there will be no distractions during the preaching of the Gospel.

O, blessed God how kind, are all Thy ways to me
Whose dark, benighted mind, was enmity with Thee
Yet now subdued by sovereign grace
My spirit longs for Thine embrace, My spirit longs for Thine embrace!

How precious are Thy thoughts, that o’er my spirit roll
They swell beyond my faults, and captivate my soul
How great their sum, how high they rise
Can ne’er be known beneath the skies, Can ne’er be known beneath the skies!

Preserved by Jesus when, my feet made haste to hell
And there should I have gone, but Thou dost all things well
Thy love was great, Thy mercy free
Which from the pit delivered me, Which from the pit delivered me!

Before Thy hands had made, the sun to rule the day
Or earth’s foundation laid, or fashioned Adam’s clay
What thoughts of peace and mercy flowed
In Thy great heart of love, O God, In Thy great heart of love, O God!

A monument of grace, a sinner saved by blood
The streams of love I trace, up to the fountain – God
And in His sovereign counsels see
Eternal thoughts of love to me, Eternal thoughts of love to me!

(Tune: “Arise My Soul, Arise”)

We will observe the Lord’s Table this evening.

Don Fortner will preach here Wednesday evening. I will be in Houston, Texas preaching at the Lincolnwood Baptist Church.

5th – Billie Hoover 7th – Tammy Dickerson 7th – Clark Grubb
7th – Faith Hacker 9th – Ryan Daniel

“A lying tongue hateth those that are afflicted by it; and a flattering mouth worketh ruin.” - Proverbs 26:28

The Gospel is not an offer from God. He does not offer His mercy and grace so that it is up to your acceptance or rejection of what is offered as to whether or not you will have it. He does not offer anyone the forgiveness of sins. He does not offer salvation, and then wait and see if we accept His offer. If any aspect of salvation is an offer that means the determining factor of salvation lies in man’s decision to accept or reject the offer. That is salvation by works in grace clothing. The Gospel is a gracious command. When He says, “Come unto Me all ye that labour and are heavy laden”, that is an imperative. “If any man thirst let him come to Me and drink”, that is an imperative. When we read, “Whosoever will, let him take the water of life freely”, that is a gracious command. I need not wonder if I am offered salvation or invited to believe. Being weary and heavy laden, I am commanded to come to Him for rest. Thirsting, I am commanded to come to Him and drink. Having nothing to pay, I am commanded to take the water of life freely. God does not offer. He commands. And the ability to obey the command comes with the commandment. When He commanded the man with the withered hand to stretch forth his hand, the man stretched forth his withered hand. When He says to a man….believe…..they believe!

Before we can see what free will denies, we first have to know what is meant by free will. Free will says that a man’s destiny is dependent upon the choices he makes. His will is free to choose to allow God to save him, or reject God’s offer of salvation. His eternal destiny is determined by his free will.
If I believe my will is free, there are three things I deny. I deny that God is sovereign. I say His sovereignty does not extend to my will. That is a complete denial of His sovereignty. I deny that I am a sinner in the Biblical definition of the word. According to the Bible, men are dead in sins (Ephesians 2:1). That means they are completely unable to do anything to save themselves. Free will is a denial of that. Free will is a denial of free grace. You cannot believe in salvation by grace and free will. Free will is nothing les than salvation by works. The teaching of free will is a denial of the Gospel!

It is not merely that the sinner cannot come to Christ, but he will not come to Christ that he may have life; it is not merely that he cannot see the Truth, but that he loves darkness rather than light, and does not want to see. Sinners are not willing to see. The natural will itself is in bondage. It takes the Divine will of God to overcome the wicked will of man by creating life where there was no life. This blindness is more than blindness of the natural eye. It is blindness of heart, blindness of will, blindness of conscience, blindness of understanding, blindness of all things Spiritual. You who are yet blind may raise your objections to my Gospel but you are as unqualified to express an opinion about something you have never seen as a blind man is to argue with you about the color of an object. - Clay Curtis

The only way we will not harshly judge our brethren is to see ourselves as we really are. An honest view of self will stop us from being harsh to others because an honest view of self shows me that I am the chief of sinners. The chief of sinners has no right to look down his nose anyone. - Frank Tate

When our transgressions were laid on Christ, made His, and borne by Him, when He carried them all away in the stream of His precious blood, He made satisfaction for us. Thus, the Christ of God finished our transgressions (Daniel 9:24). They shall never be seen or brought up again! - Don Fortner

Not withstanding the numerous religious organizations, denominations, sects, churches, preachers, and their various and different messages or gospels, every group or preacher’s message will fall into one of two categories:
1) Arraign guilty men before God, or
2) Place God on trial before men.

To speak more plainly, every religious message will either:
1) Deliver men into the hands of God for His salvation, or
2) Deliver God and His salvation into the hands of men.
- Maurice Montgomery