January 21, 2018
Sundays 9:00 am WKYT Channel 27-2
It is requested that all children under the age of five stay in our nursery
so there will be no distractions during the preaching of the Gospel.

Brethren, let us join to bless
Christ our Peace and Righteousness
Let our praise to Him be given
High at God’s right hand in heaven. (Repeat)

Son of God, to Thee we bow
Thou art Lord, and only Thou
Thou the woman’s promised seed
Thou, who didst for sinners bleed. (Repeat)

Thee the angels ceaseless sing
Thee we praise, our Priest and King
Worthy is Thy Name of praise
Full of glory, full of grace. (Repeat)

Thou has the glad tidings brought
Of salvation fully wrought
Wrought, O Lord alone by Thee
Wrought, to set Thy people free. (Repeat)

Thee, our Lord, would we adore
Serve and follow more and more
Praise and bless Thy matchless love
Till we join Thy saints above. (Repeat)

(Tune: “Take My Life and Let It Be” p. 393)

We will resume our preacher’s class Saturday, February 3rd.

26th – Emily Elliott 26th – Mike Farmer 26th – Lynn Nibert

“Debate thy cause with thy neighbor himself: and discover not a secret to another: Lest he that heareth it put thee to shame, and thine infamy turn not away.” - Proverbs 25:9-10
Why did David end his last words with this phrase, “Though He make it not to grow?” It almost seems out of place. While we are exhorted to grow in grace, that does not mean we grow more holy and less sinful. I still have a sinful nature that is just as evil as it ever was. I know exactly what David meant. I have not grown better. I can say truthfully that I have grown in seeing my need of grace and my desire for grace. But I have not grown more holy and less sinful. That is why I find all of my salvation and all my desire in the everlasting covenant ordered in all things and sure. Why is it sure? Because of “The blood of the everlasting covenant.” The “Though He make it not to grow” is the commentary of what it really means to have this everlasting covenant as all your salvation and all your desire.

According to the free-will scheme, the Lord intends good, but He must wait on His own creature to know what His intention is: God willeth good, and would do it, but He cannot because He has an unwilling man who will not have God’s good thing carried into effect. What does this do, but drag the Eternal God from His throne and lift up into it the fallen creature, man: for man, according to that theory, nods and his nod is destiny. You must have a destiny somewhere; it must either be as God wills or as man wills. If it be as God wills, the Jehovah sits sovereign upon His throne of glory, and all hosts obey Him, and the world is safe; if not God, then you put man there to say, “I will” or “I will not”; if I will it, I will enter heaven; if I will it, I will despise the grace of God; if I will it, I will conquer the Holy Spirit, for I am stronger than God, stronger than Omnipotence; if I will it, I will make the blood of the Son of God of no effect, for I am mightier than the blood, mightier than the blood of the Son of God Himself; though God make His purpose, yet will I laugh at His purpose; it shall be my purpose that shall make His purpose stand or fall. Why sirs, if this is not atheism, it is idolatry; it is putting man where God should be, and I shrink with solemn awe and horror from this doctrine which makes the grandest of God’s work – the salvation of man – to be dependent upon the will of His creature whether it shall be accomplished or not. Glory I can and must in this text in its fullest sense.
- C. H. Spurgeon


Most people will say they believe God is sovereign, but their actions betray their words, when they claim they made a decision and accepted Jesus as their personal Savior, thereby declaring their will plays a part in their salvation. In saying that, they make God’s will dependent upon their will, and openly deny the sovereignty of God.
The God of the Bible is much different than the god of our natural thoughts. The Bible is packed full of verses declaring His complete and total sovereignty in creation, providence, and salvation – I Samuel 2:6-7; Eccl. 3:1-14; Ps. 139:4-8; Is. 45:7; Jonah 2:9; Amos 3:6; John 5:21; Acts 2:23; Acts 4:28; Rom. 9:11-18; Eph. 1:3-11; Col. 1:16-17…. just to name a few. Scripture declares God to be the one and only, sole, Almighty ruler of all things, in control of, and the first cause of all events, big and small, good and evil, throughout all the universe, heaven, and hell. Nothing, or no one, makes a move apart from His direct consent, will, and purpose. The thoughts (good, bad, or indifferent) you have while reading this, were ordained by Him before the universe was created. The exact path, speed, and rate of acceleration of every air molecule that passes into and out of your lungs while reading this, was purposed and performed under His direct control. Now knowing what Scripture declares of our sovereign God – bow the knee now in humble submission and adoration, or bow the knee on judgment day with clenched teeth, but understand this – “That at the Name of Jesus every knee should bow, of things in heaven, and things in earth, and things under the earth; And that every tongue should confess that Jesus Christ is Lord, to the glory of God the Father” (Phil. 2:10-11).
- Brian DuFour

If salvation depends upon our being or doing anything, we shall be inevitably lost. Thank God, it does not: for the great Truth of the Gospel is, that Christ is all – man is nothing. It is not a mixture of Christ and man, it is all of Christ. The peace of the Gospel does not rest in part on Christ’s work and in part on man’s work: it rests wholly on Christ’s work, because that work is perfect, perfect forever, and it renders all who put their trust in Him as perfect as Himself! Christ must either be a whole Saviour, or no Saviour at all. The moment a man says, except you be this or that, you cannot be saved, he totally twists the Gospel: for in the Gospel I find Christ coming down to me, just as I am, a lost, guilty, self-destroyed sinner; and coming, moreover, with a full remission of all my sins, and a full salvation from my lost estate, all perfectly wrought by Himself on the cross. - C. H. Mackintosh