November 27, 2016
Sundays 9:00 am Channel 27-2 WKYT
It is requested that all children under the age of five stay in our nursery
so there will be no distractions during the preaching of the Gospel.

Ye saints look up with cheerful eye
And see your King who reigns on high
Behold the Savior on His Throne
The Advocate for all His own.

Be never filled with dark despair
Come cast on Him your ev’ry care
And trust His interceding grace
Whose blood redeemed His chosen race.

Since by His blood we’re justified
His prayers will never be denied
‘Tis Christ, with sympathizing love
Who represents us high above.

Come then unto the Throne of grace
To Christ, Who is our hiding Place
And rest in Him and be at peace
His love for us will never cease.

(Tune: “From Every Stormy Wind” p.355)

Our Bible Conference is December 9-11. Please give as you are enabled to cover the extra expenses. Speakers will be Donnie Bell, Bruce Crabtree, Chris Cunningham, Dave Eddmenson, Greg Elmquist, Don Fortner, Gabe Stalnaker, Marvin Stalnaker, and Frank Tate. Sign-up sheets for meals, clean-up, etc. are in the Fellowship Hall. We will have a meal Friday evening, Saturday afternoon, and Sunday afternoon.

Mark your calendar now and plan to attend a gathering hosted by Andy and Megan Davis at their home for the adults on Friday, December 16th.

28th – Lydia Lynn 30th – Jason Ferrell 30th – Isaac Steeves
30th – Mitch Steeves 2nd- Susan Holthaus 2nd – Kara Imes
3rd – Tom Brice 3rd – Kelly Byrd

“Blessed is a dry morsel, and quietness therewith, than an house full of sacrifices with strife.” - Proverbs 17:1

“He that spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up for us all, how shall He not with Him also freely give us all things.” - Romans 8:32
If God spared not His own Son, but delivered Him up to be the sin-bearing substitute for us all (every believer). How shall He not, what could possibly prevent Him from freely and gratuitously giving us all things? This is obviously not speaking of a bigger house or car. But all things that are needed to make me perfectly conformed to the image of Christ are freely given. Do no think God will withhold anything you need. This encourages us to ask for that which is freely given.

To say that there are people in hell for whom Christ died is to say that His death was not enough to save them. Something else was needed! The implication of that is His death is not enough to save anybody. There is something you must do to make what He did work for you. This is what is otherwise known as salvation by works.

While the religious world is up in arms over recent government policies and Supreme Court decisions. Let us remember two things. First, the “chief of all sinners” has no high ground from which to look down. The publican can never say, “God, I thank Thee that I am not like other men.” If we expect sinners to hear the Gospel they must hear it from a fellow sinner. Believers must never present themselves with a hint of moral superiority if we want to be heard. Second, “There is no power but of God, the powers that be are ordained of God” (Rom. 13:1). One would have to read extra-biblical history to find out about the atrocities committed by the Roman authorities during the first century. And, if you did, you would discover a culture that makes twentieth first century America look morally superior. Why did Paul, or any other New Testament writers, never mention it? Because the kingdom of God is not of this world. The real problem with our society and every other society is not to be blamed on the politicians, or the educators, or any other worldly institution. Our surprise ought to be that the Lord restrains them from going farther than they do. The real problem lies squarely in the pulpits. Oh, that God would be pleased to raise up laborers to the harvest. That the Gospel of His free grace in Christ would be preached with clarity, conviction, and compassion from sinners to a dying world of sinners. - Greg Elmquist

I can appreciate the ability of the learned botanist to give me the scientific name of a rose, the origin of it, the various types of roses, how and where they grow, and the number of petals, thorns, and leaves to expect on a genuine rose; but too often those who become overly tangled in these things somehow lose the most important things – the BEAUTY and FRAGRANCE of the rose! I hope in our teaching, preaching, and witnessing concerning the Gospel of our dear Saviour we do not become more concerned with the system than the SWEETNESS, with the mechanics rather than the MERCY, with the right terminology rather then the right SPIRIT and ATTITUDE. You will very soon weary my head if you don’t warm my heart; and while I am eager to learn more of HOW, WHY, and WHEN I got Christ, I would like to rejoice and enjoy my RELATIONSHIP WITH CHRIST! He is my Rose of Sharon which brightens my life and sends His sweet fragrance through my soul. One can preach about Christ and not preach Christ, just as one can know how God saves sinners and not be a saved sinner. “O the wonder of it all, just to think that CHRIST LOVES ME.” - Henry Mahan

I was thinking this week how impossible it would be for a true, God-called preacher, to preach anything other than the Lord Jesus Christ and Him crucified. How could I, a desperately wicked sinner, stand week after week, and service after service and tell men how to live when I struggle and fail daily myself? How could I, the wretched and depraved man that I am, tell others how to become better spouses, parents, children, friends, employers and employees when I have failed and continue to fail miserable at these things myself? What hypocrisy and vanity that would be! It is not my place to try to straighten people out. A wiser and older friend of mine told me not long ago that concerning preaching, to always remember that a man could shear a sheep many time, but he could only slay a sheep once. Friends, it is the preaching of Jesus Christ only that causes us to be sheared (John 3:30). My responsibility is not to tell people how to live, but proclaim to them how our Saviour lived, died and resurrected, doing everything perfectly for and in the place of hell-deserving sinners. If God is pleased to save a man or woman, they will want to hear only one message and this is the only message they will hear. Christ Jesus came into the world to save sinners, and sinners are saved by the free and sovereign grace of God alone by the foolishness of preaching (I Cor. 1:21). - Dave Eddmenson