July 17, 2016
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‘Tis not that I did choose Thee for Lord that could not be
This heart would still refuse Thee Hadst Thou not chosen me
Thou from the sin that stained me hast cleansed and set me free
Of old Thou hast ordained me that I should live to Thee.

Your love had no beginning, no cause in me was found
That you should choose to save me, a sinner strongly bound
But grace not earned or sought for was purposed for my soul
For me, salvation wrought; for Christ paid the dreadful toll.

‘Twas sovereign mercy called me and taught my opening mind
The world had else enthralled me to heav’nly glories blind
My heart owns none before Thee for Thy rich grace I thirst
This knowing if I loved Thee, Thou must have loved me first.

(Tune: “The Church’s One Foundation” p. 186)


19th – Ida Isaac 20th – Jonathan Carroll 23rd – James Johnson

Bryleigh Carroll has been released from the hospital where her heart surgery was successful. Remember her and the Carroll family as she recovers at home.

When the Lord found the disciples sleeping instead of praying, He said, “The spirit indeed is willing, but the flesh is weak” (Matthew 26:41). Here the Lord acknowledges the two separate natures in the believer: flesh and spirit. The spirit is willing. Willing to never sin again. Paul said, “To will is present with me.” The flesh is weak. “How to perform that which is good I find not.” Spiritually powerless and impotent! The spirit is that which lives on eternally. The flesh will die and be replaced Resurrection Day with sinless flesh. Hasten Lord Thy return!
“By mercy and truth iniquity is purged: and by the fear of the Lord men depart from evil.” - Proverbs 16:6

Since the days of the apostles I see them. All around the world I see them. Some are Jews and some are Gentiles; some are employers and some employees; some are prosperous and well to do and some are poor and hardly make do; some hold degrees in education and some are scarcely educated at all. Yet I see them on the way to a designated location to meet together. Some come from one direction and some from another; some riding and some walking, but all, with purpose of heart, on the way to the same place to meet together.
These people who are so different, in so many ways, what is it that draws then together? Why, it is the Gospel of the Lord Jesus Christ. By the Spirit and Grace of God, they all have the same problem, the same need, and have all embraced the one and only remedy, the Lord Jesus Christ, their Redeemer-God. They all have one faith, one hope, and one Lord and Saviour. They are God’s called out ones, the church, and the churches of the Lord Jesus Christ. These are Christians.
Christianity, in public assembly and fellowship is an amazing and continual manifestation of the Almighty Grace of the living incomprehensible God and Saviour. Men and women with different personalities, from different backgrounds, different walks of life, with different degrees of spiritual knowledge and understanding; each having a different measure of light, a different measure of grace, a different measure of faith, and with different gifts, different talents, different abilities, all according to God’s purpose and gift of grace (Rom. 12:3-16; I Cor. 12:4-31), meet in mutual fellowship to worship and praise their great and gracious God and Saviour, together. They bear one another’s burdens, forbear one another’ s faults, love one another, encourage one another, assist one another, pray for one another, weep with one another, rejoice with one another, - each esteeming the others better than himself! And each time they part, they look forward to meeting again, until such time as they shall part no more. Oh, glorious assembly! Oh! Marvelous, amazing, Almighty Grace!
- Maurice Montgomery

“Go ye therefore and teach all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Ghost.” Matthew 28:19
Concerning its proper subjects and mode, the ceremony of baptism is not some secret or mysterious thing which requires complicated Biblical interpretation to understand, it is a very simple matter. In the Scripture above, it is called “The answer of a good conscience toward God.” This reveals its proper subjects. The word translated “answer” refers to the answer given by one accused in court. The judge says, “How do you plead?” The accused who has a good conscience in the matter pleads “Not guilty.” Baptism is a symbolic plea of “Not guilty”, of those charges. Therefore, it is not suitable that infants be baptized, for they know neither their sin nor the means by which it can be removed.
The proper form of baptism is revealed in the manner by which sinners are made “not guilty”. Sinners are made guiltless before God by means of a union with Christ in His death and resurrection; as Paul wrote, “I am crucified with Christ….” When Christ died and rose again, so did all who were in Him. Therefore, in Christ, they have paid for their sins and worked a perfect righteousness; their conscience is clear! Neither sprinkling nor pouring can picture this connection between Christ and His own; only an immersion. Sprinkling can no more be counted baptism than throwing a couple of handfuls of dirt on a corpse can be counted burial. – Joe Terrell

When we look upon ourselves, we often see ourselves – the most stupid – the most ignorant – the most vile - the most unworthy – the most earthly and sensual wretches that God can permit to live! At least, that is the view we take of ourselves when we are really humbled in our own eyes. But when God looks upon His elect, He does not look upon them as they often look upon themselves - but as they stand in Christ – accepted in the beloved – without spot or wrinkle, or any such thing! He does not see His people as they often see themselves – full of wounds, and bruises and putrefying sores; but clothes in the perfection, beauty, and loveliness of their head and Husband. - J. C. Philpot