March 6, 2016
Sundays 7:00 am Channel 27 WKYT
It is requested that all children under the age of five stay in our nursery
so there will be no distractions during the preaching of the Gospel.

Now gracious God, Thine arm reveal
And make Thy glory known
Now let us all Thy presence feel
And soften hearts of stone.

Help us to venture near Thy Throne
And plead our Saviour’s name
For all that we can call our own
Is vanity and shame.

From all the guilt of wretched sin
May mercy set us free
And let the week we now begin
Begin and end with Thee.

Send down Thy Spirit from above
That we may love Thee more
And others now may learn to love
Who never loved before.


All ladies are invited to a Bridal Shower for Holly Tate tomorrow (Monday March 7th) evening here at the church. Invitations are in the foyer – please sign up if you plan to attend.

Susan Sligh is in the process of updating the mailing list – if you have changes or would like to be added, the forms are in the foyer.

VBS dates this year are June 14-16.

8th – Clare Charron 11th – Bill Dent 12th = Chance Borders

Nursery Schedule
Sunday AM – Jessica S. Rebekah

“They that forsake the law praise the wicked: but such as keep the law contend with them.” - Proverbs 28:4

When I say that I am a Christian, what am I saying? Am I saying that I am now clean in my living and have victory in my life over sin because I am a Christian and have more strength to live? If you hear me say this, are you left feeling that this is a “holier than thou” attitude? Unfortunately that is what most people mean when they say they are a Christian - but that is not a Christian! In the first place, a Christian is one who was lost and is now found. A Christian is a forgiven sinner. A Christian is one who stumbles and sins and continually needs Christ. A Christian is conscious of his weakness and failures and stands in constant need of God’s grace. A Christian has all of the trials a non-Christian has. When I say I am a Christian, I say I am a sinner saved by the free and sovereign grace of God. Unlike all other religions, Christianity is primarily and fundamentally a sinner’s religion.

What percentage of your salvation does God look to Christ for? 100% you say? That would be right! All He requires of you He looks to Christ for. Is that not the precise same way we should look to Christ? Just as the Father looks to Him for everything, we look to Him for everything. We have the same faith as he who first trusted in Christ does.

Fatalism implies that all events come to pass through the working of a blind, unintelligent, impersonal non-moral force which cannot be distinguished from physical necessity and carries us helplessly within its grasp as a mighty river carries a piece of wood. Predestination teaches that from all eternity God has had one unified purpose which He is bringing to perfection through this world order of events. The power of God is the ability and strength whereby He is able to bring to pass whatsoever He pleases, whatsoever His infinite wisdom may direct, and whatsoever the infinite purity of His will may resolve. – Loraine Boettner


Let me tell you what Jesus has done for me. He assumed my human nature so I could partake of His divine nature. (John 1:1, 14; II Peter 1:4). He became poor so I could become rich (II Cor. 8:9). He was born of a woman so I could be born of God (Gal. 4:4; John 1:12). He became the Son of man so I could become a son of God (Luke 19:10; Gal. 3:26). He was born under the law of God so I could be free from the law of sin and death (Gal. 4:4, Rom. 8:2). He was made sin for me so I could become the righteousness of God in Him (II Cor. 5:21). He was condemned so I could be justified (Isaiah 53:11). He endured God’s wrath so I could enjoy God’s grace (Isaiah 53:4; Rom. 5:12-21). He died so I could live (Rom. 5:8-10). He suffered the hell I deserve so I could enjoy Him in heaven (John 17:24). He saved me by His grace and gave me faith to believe in Him (Eph. 2:8). He did all this for all who believe in Him. Do you?
- Daniel Parks

The sovereignty of God is the stumbling block on which thousands fall and perish; and if we go contending with God about His sovereignty it will be our eternal ruin. It is absolutely necessary that we should submit to God as an absolute sovereign, and the sovereign of our souls; as One who may have mercy on whom He will have mercy and harden whom He will.
- Jonathan Edwards

Christ is not valued, nor His grace appreciated until men have a genuine knowledge of their misery, helplessness, and lost condition because of sin. When sin is SIN indeed, then grace is GRACE indeed, and Christ is CHRIST indeed. If men have a superficial sense of sin, they have a superficial faith in Christ. - Thomas Manton

The difference between believing doctrine alone and believing on Christ is the difference between reading a cookbook and eating. I know that you must hear of Christ in order to believe on Him, but by the grace of God, through faith in Him, may we taste and see that the Lord is good.
- Chris Cunningham