February 21, 2016
Sundays 7:00 am Channel 27 WKYT
It is requested that all children under the age of five stay in our nursery
so there will be no distractions during the preaching of the Gospel.

Thou, Christ, the great Jehovah art
The Fount of holiness
And, God with us, Thou art become
The Lord our Righteousness.

Oh, wash us with Thy blood and clothe
With Thy pure spotless dress
Oh, hide us in Thyself, and be
The Lord our Righteousness.

Make us by grace to be indeed
What we in word profess
Oh, make us like unto Thyself
The Lord our Righteousness.

Pour on us showers of Thy grace
Increase our fruitfulness
That we may yield Thine own to Thee
The Lord our Righteousness.

So in Thy glorious image raise’d
May we Thy mercy bless
And sing forever praise to Thee
The Lord our Righteousness.

(Tune: “Come Holy Spirit, Heavenly Dove” p. 158)

Congratulations to Aaron and Alexis Sligh who were married yesterday!

I will be leaving tomorrow to visit the churches in Mexico and the Groovers - I will return Friday. Andy Davis will bring the message Wednesday evening.

21st – Tim Daniel 22nd – Zac Byrd 22nd – Evonne Kincer

“Whoso loveth instruction loveth knowledge: but he that hateth reproof is brutish.” - Proverbs 12:1

“I hope in Thy Word” -Psalm 119:81
Hope is a confident expectation regarding that which we cannot see. Paul actually said, “Hope that is seen is not hope: for what a man seeth, why doth he yet hope for it “ (Romans 8:24). The believer has a hope that he is perfectly righteous before God even though he knows himself to be sinful. He has a hope that all things are working together for his good and God’s glory. He has a hope that he will be in heaven when he dies. He would not dare believe any of these things unless they are actually taught in the Word of God. All Scripture is given by inspiration of God and we say with David, “I hope in Thy Word.” A hope that is not founded in the Word of God is a false hope.

I have taken all my good deeds, and all my bad deeds, and cast them through each other in a heap before the Lord, and fled from both, and betaken myself to the Lord Jesus Christ, and in Him I have sweet peace.
- David Dickson, Scotland (1789-1842), on his deathbed

Romans 9:13
You will sometimes hear those who deny the wrath of God and preach the universal love of God for all men declare that what this verse in Romans 9:13 really says is, “God loves Jacob and He loves Esau less.” Now, I ask you, how does our infinite, Almighty, perfect God do anything less than perfectly? Is He at times less righteous? Less holy? Less just? Our comfort in Christ is that He who loves His sheep has always loved them, will always love them, and loves them as He loves Christ Jesus, His only begotten Son (John 17:23). And to those who were told to depart from His presence, He said, “I never knew you.” Malachi 3:6 declares, “I am the LORD, I change not; therefore ye sons of Jacob are not consumed.” Our comfort is that His love in Christ is without degrees or changes, as is His wrath upon those outside of the Ark – Christ Jesus! - Pastor Henry Mahan


It is a compromise of the Gospel and a belittling of the power of the Lord’s hand for a man to say that there are believers among those who sit under a false gospel. Not one place in Scripture do we find the Lord saving a person and leaving them under the power and influence of lies. The fact is Scripture declares that Christ brings his sheep out from among the unclean when He calls them by name; they hear His voice and follow Him. On the other hand, it is Satan’s mode of operation to sow tares among the wheat; it is wolves who creep in among the sheep unawares; never the other way around. - Clay Curtis

“To bring in everlasting righteousness” – Daniel 9:24
Consider this single accomplishment of the Lord Jesus and you will find a sufficient cause for rest in your hearts, compelling motivation for praise in your heart, and a firm foundation for the hope of life everlasting. How hard we have tried, and how useless our efforts have been in creating and maintaining our own righteousness. Truly, our flesh, like all other flesh, is as the grass and flower of the field, no sooner do we manufacture something that looks like righteousness than the winds blow upon it and it withers and dies. What a wearisome task to blow upon it and it withers and dies. What a wearisome task to maintain even the appearance of righteousness, much less the reality of it. But of the several things that were included in the Lord’s triumphant cry, “It is finished!” this is the foundation: He has done for eternity what we cannot do for a moment: brought in righteousness. We can rest, for all that is required of us by God has been done for us by the Son of God. - Joe Terrell

When I first took over the defense of the Gospel, I remember what Doctor Stauptz said to me, “I like it well” he said, “that the doctrine which you proclaim gives glory to God alone and none to men. For never can too much glory, goodness, and mercy by ascribed unto God.” These words of the unworthy Doctor comforted and confirmed me. The Gospel is true because it deprives men of all glory, wisdom, and righteousness and turns over all honor to the Creator alone. - Martin Luther