December 1, 2013
Sundays 9:00 am Channel 5 CWKYT
It is requested that all children under the age of five stay in our nursery
so there will be no distractions during the preaching of the Gospel.

Jesus Christ, our God and Saviour
Guide, and Counselor, and Friend
Bearing all our misbehavior
Kind and loving to the end.

Nothing but Thy blood, O Saviour
Can relieve us from our smart
Nothing else from guilt release us
Nothing else can melt the heart.

Law and judgment do but burden
All the while they work alone
But a sense of blood-bought pardon
Soon dissolves a heart of stone.

Trust Him, He will not deceive us
Though we see through glass so dim
He will never, never leave us
Nor will we depart from Him.

(Tune: “Jesus Calls Us” p. 374)

Luke Coffey will bring the message this evening.

There will be a get together for the adults at the Hartland Clubhouse on Friday night Dec. 20th at 7:00. Bring an appetizer or dessert.

2nd – Susan Holthaus 2nd – Kara Imes 3rd – Kelly Byrd
4th – Jennifer Dent 5th – Andy Davis 5th – Shirley Rozeboom


“He that is first in his own cause seemeth just; but his neighbour cometh and searcheth him.” - Proverbs 18:17


When someone professes to believe the Gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace and we question their salvation because of something they have done or are doing, we have gone into a place where we do not belong! That is a judgment we should not make. If someone does not believe the Gospel of God’s free and sovereign grace, and we say we should not judge whether or not they are saved, that is equally wrong! By that, we call into question what the Gospel is! May the Lord enable us to not judge where we should not judge and judge where we should judge.


I do not know who coined the phrase, “Wrong on the fall, wrong on it all”, but it is certainly true! If I am wrong on the fall of Adam, it will make me wrong in every doctrine concerning how God saves sinners. When Adam fell he became spiritually dead; completely unable to perform any of the functions of spiritual life. When Adam fell, he fell as a representative man. His sin was imputed to all of his descendants and his sinful nature was imparted to all of his descendants (Romans 5:18-19). If I do not see that, I cannot possibly understand the need of the work of the Father in election, nor will I understand what Christ had to do on the cross for my salvation, nor will I understand the necessity of God imparting to me a new nature in the new birth. I will merely think the old nature needs helped. How true that phrase is, “Wrong on the fall, wrong on it all.”

The morality-preaching that passes for the Gospel in our day is accepted partly because the world has become so immoral in our pursuit of happiness that parents think messages against sexual misconduct are better for their children than messages of how Christ has put away the sin of His people. Fact is, the reason we are so immoral and in need of common morality is because we have been so long without the unapologetic preaching of Christ and Him crucified. We can never expect morality in the pew if we immorally prostitute the Gospel of God’s free grace in Christ Jesus from the pulpit. – Pastor Clay Curtis


If we cannot believe God when our circumstances appear to be against us we do not believe Him at all. We trust a thief as far as we can see him; shall we dare to treat our God in that fashion? - C. H. Spurgeon

Two men listen to the same sermon. One hears as attentively as the other and remembers as much of the sermon. One man is moved to tears over his sins and his heart broken within him, which leads him to seek mercy of the Lord. The other man sees in the sermon important truth, and he may feel the force of that truth strong enough to make him tremble like Felix; but, like Felix, he goes his way. Ask me how it is that the same sermon (the same Truth) regenerates one and causes him to pass from death to life and into that gracious state which is called salvation, while the other man is unmoved and continues in unbelief. I reply it’s because the mighty, mysterious Spirit of the living God goes with the truth to one heart but not to the other. This regeneration takes place instantly and is as miraculous a change as the raising of Lazarus from the dead. It is supremely supernatural!
- Pastor Henry Mahan


To a young man who had just started preaching, an old preacher said, “You may know that a doctrine is the true doctrine of the grace of God: IF it exalts the glory of the grace of God, as the sole and entire cause of salvation; - IF it humbles the creature and excludes all boasting; - IF it provides for the honor of God’s holy law and justice; - IF it is a solid and sure ground of consolation to the saints; - and lastly, IF it is a doctrine according to godliness. These are the infallible rules whereby you may form your judgment of the truth of the doctrine you preach. No principle can be true, which is not calculated to subserve and secure those important ends. It will be your wisdom to examine well all sentiments in Divinity; and according as you find them agreeing or disagreeing with those rules, so mind that you embrace, or reject them. – Copied


To say that God the Father has purposed the salvation of all mankind, that God the Son died with the express intention of saving the whole human race and that God the Holy Spirit is now seeking to win the world to Christ, when, as a matter of common observation, it is apparent that the great majority of our fellow men are dying in sin, and passing into a hopeless eternity is to say that God the Father is disappointed, that God the Son is dissatisfied, and that God the Holy Spirit is defeated. – A. W. Pink