April 7, 2013
Sundays 9:00 am Channel 5 CWKYT
It is requested that all children under the age of five stay in our nursery
so there will be no distractions during the preaching of the Gospel

Sons we are, through God’s election
Who in Jesus Christ believe
By eternal destination
Sovereign grace we here receive
Lord Thy mercy, Lord Thy mercy, Does both grace and glory give.

Every fallen soul, by sinning
Merits everlasting pain
But Thy love, without beginning
Has restored Thy sons again
All Thy people, All Thy people, Shall by grace through Jesus reign.

Pause my soul! Adore and wonder!
Ask, “Oh why such love to me?”
Grace has put me in the number
Of the Saviour’s family
Hallelujah! Hallelujah! Thanks, eternal thanks to Thee.

When the Angel sounds the trumpet
When my soul and body join
When my Saviour comes to judgment
Bright in majesty divine
Let me triumph, Let me triumph, In Thy righteousness as mine.

(Tune: “Angels, From the Realms of Glory” p. 99)


We will observe the Lord’s Table this evening.

7th – Seth Daniel 8th – Joyce Squires
11th – Mary Williams 13th – Sarah Bird

“The discretion of a man deferreth his anger; and it is his glory to pass over a transgression.” - Proverb 19:11

‘Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right.” This is what Abraham said to the Lord when he found out the Lord was going to destroy Sodom. Abraham had prayed that Sodom might be preserved for the sake of ten righteous men. Abraham was sure of this...whatever the Lord does is right! He does not do it because it is right, it is right because He does it! There are so many questions that arise in our mind. “Why did the Lord let that happen?” “Why does it seem that so few are saved?” “What happens to infants and mentally disabled people when they die?” We could go on and on with questions that arise in all of our minds. But there is no need to become stressed concerning any of them because we have this blessed assurance. “Shall not the Judge of all the earth do right.” Yes, He shall! Whatever He does is right. I may not understand what He is doing, but I do understand that whatever He does, and however He does it, is right!


Most preachers of our day present the Gospel as an offer by God that the sinner can accept or reject. I have at least three problems with this.
(1) The bible does not teach this. (2) It puts salvation ultimately in the hands of man, therefore salvation is at least partly by works. (3) It denies the depravity of man by implying some capability in man to make use of the benefit offered. Where the Gospel is preached as an offer, THE GOSPEL is not preached!


“Obey them that have the rule over you and submit yourselves; for they watch for your souls as they that must give account, that they may do it with joy, and not with grief; for that is unprofitable for you.” – Hebrews 13:17
1. Those who ‘have the rule’ are faithful pastors and elders.
2. How does one ‘obey them’? By attending to the Word preached by them, by receiving the Word. By regarding and respecting their counsel, advice, and rebuke.
3. If we receive their message and are faithful to Christ, the faithful minister goes about his work with joy and not grief, and in that great day, when he shall be witness to your final end, that, too, will bring him joy and not grief.
4. To whom does the elder ‘give account’? To his OWN CONSCIOUS (for the true preacher is not covetous of gain or fame), to the CHURCH to whom he ministers, and to the LORD for whom he speaks. What a responsibility! but what a privilege! - Pastor Henry Mahan

“Charity never faileth” (I Cor. 13:8). The fact that love never fails tells us the love being spoke of here is that love that only the believer possesses. All types of human love can fail at some point. But the love spoken of here never fails. It is the product of the new nature. It never falls off track. It never departs from its cause. It is never reduced to inactivity. It never fails to be patient and kind. It never envies, promotes itself, or is puffed up. Love is never rude, never seeks her own, never is easily provoked, and never is suspicious. Love never rejoices in iniquity and never fails to rejoice in the truth. Love never fails to bear all things, believe all things, hope all things, and endure all things. Love never fails. Is it any wonder Paul said, “Now abideth faith, hope, and charity, these three; but the greatest of these is charity.”


The old truth preached by Spurgeon, Bunyan, the reformers, and the apostles, is the truth that we must preach today or else be liars to our consciences and to our God. We dare not try to shape truth or smooth away the sharp edges of the doctrines. Mankind is still DEPRAVED (totally). God has ELECTED a people. Christ sufficiently and EFFECTUALLY REDEEMED the elect, and the Holy Spirit will CALL out His sheep through the preaching of the Gospel, and all whom He justifies and calls will PERSEVERE! Some ministers profess to be SOUND in grace, but it does not sound like grace when they preach it. – Pastor Henry Mahan


In spiritual things all your temptation, all your darkness, all your wanderings God will overrule. It shall be well with you. There shall never be a night, but that morning shall come; there shall never be a day of trouble, but a day of prosperity shall follow; there shall never be an emptying, but there shall be a filling; there shall never be a bringing down, but that He will raise you up again. Let it be either darkness or light, sorrow or grief, night or day, life or death, time or eternity, “It shall be well with the righteous.”
- Pastor Scott Richardson