September 16, 2012
Sundays 7:30 am Channel 27 WKYT
It is requested that all children under the age of five stay in our nursery
so there will be no distractions during the preaching of the Gospel.

How vast, how full, how free
The mercy of our God
Proclaimed the blessed news around
And spread it all abroad.

How full it does remove
The stain of every sin
And makes the soul as white and pure
As though no sin had been.

Poor guilty sinner, come!
Christ, stands to comfort thee
Come, cast thyself upon His love
So vast, so full, so free!

I’m glad salvation’s free!
For sinners such as we!
Salvation full and free by grace
I’m glad salvation’s free!

(Tune: “I Love Thy Kingdom” p. 188)


I am preaching in Great Falls, Montana today. Matt Vincent will teach the Bible Study and Bob Coffey will preach this morning. Luke Coffey will bring the message this evening. I will return tomorrow night, Lord willing.

Congratulations to Nick and Delena Creamer on their marriage!

We will have a church dinner Sunday, September 30th.

16th – Lyn Covert 18th – Heather Ham
19th – Kaitlyn Burton 19th – Rebecca Coffey

“Be not thou envious against evil men, neither desire to be with them.” - Proverbs 24:1


“For with the same measure that ye mete withal it shall be measured to you again.” God measures our blessings out to us in the basket we bring. “Judge not and you shall not be judged” by God or men. What a blessing! But the opposite is also true. If we do judge our brother, we will be judged by God and man. “Condemn not and ye shall not be condemned.” The word means to bring to the law. If you do not place somebody under law, you will not be placed under the law. What a blessing! Once again, the opposite is also true. If you put someone under the law, you will be put under the law. That is a burden we cannot possibly bear. “Forgive and you will be forgiven.” What a blessing! And it is equally true that if we do not forgive, we will not be forgiven. “Give and it shall be given unto you.” We cannot possibly out-give God. That is a blessing! But it is equally true, give not and it shall not be given. God measures to us His blessings with what we bring. I know this. I do not want to be judged or brought under the law. I want to be forgiven and given to. If that is what I want, I must not judge or condemn and I must forgive and give.


People do what they want to. They do what they do freely and un-coerced. People were not forced to crucify Christ. Pilate was said to have, “Delivered Jesus to their will.” While they were acting freely and un-coerced, they were doing neither more nor less than “Whatsoever Thy hand and Thy counsel determined before to be done.” Men do precisely what they want, and God exercises absolute sovereignty over men’s will – a paradox; but certainly not a contradiction. They are both true.


A congregation cannot be said to welcome the Lord Jesus unless they are all there, which requires punctuality; unless they have come with design to meet Him, which implies prayerful expectancy; unless they are ready to hear from Him, which involves attention; and unless they are resolved to accept His teaching, which demands obedience. – C. H. Spurgeon

Do I believe in salvation by free will? I most certainly do. How could it be otherwise? In fact, everyone believes that salvation is by free-will. The dividing question is, “Whose will is free?” It is obvious that man’s will is not free. One old writer commented that man’s will does not have power enough to cure him of a toothache, much less bring him salvation. No, it is God’s will that is free! To be free means to be without constraint or restraint. God cannot be forced into a certain purpose, not can He be stopped in His purpose. There are no outside obligations or limitations on His will. He can and does do whatever He wants. His will is the necessary and sufficient first cause of salvation. If a man is saved it is certain that God wanted it so, and if God wants a man to be saved, it is certain that man shall be saved. The will of man cannot force God to save, neither can the will of man stop God’s purpose of salvation. Free-will and sovereignty are much the same thing, and both belong to God alone! - Pastor Joe Terrell


Having religion is one thing, but knowing and walking with Christ is different! Having religion – the world understands and tolerates. But free grace – the world neither understands, nor tolerates! Any two religious errors can walk together, and permit them both to exist! But the truth of God’s grace cannot exist with error – for one always must go! - Pastor Henry Mahan


Let me say to some of you who know little or nothing of your Bible, or of your own hearts – Wait a little, and run not, before you are sent. Sit thou, young brother, still a while at Jesus’ feet, and learn what He has to say to thee. Then, when thou runnest as a messenger, thou wilt have a message. But mayhap now thou hast more foot than heart, more tongue than brain, and this is ill. – C. H. Spurgeon