November 28, 2010
Sundays 7:30 am Channel 27 WKYT
It is requested that all children under the age of five stay in our nursery
so there will be no distractions during the preaching of the Gospel.

Precious is the name of Jesus
Who can half its worth unfold?
Far beyond angelic praises
Sweetly sung to harps of gold.
Precious when to Calvary groaning
He sustained the cursed tree
Precious when His death atoning
Made an end of sin for me!

Precious when the bloody scourges
Caused the sacred drops to roll
Precious when of wrath the surges
Overwhelmed His Holy Soul.
Precious in His death victorious
He the host of hell o’er throws
In His resurrection glorious
Victor crowned o’er all His foes.

Precious, Lord beyond expressing
Are Thy beauties all divine
Glory, honor, power, and blessing
Be henceforth for ever Thine.
Soon in glory, we shall see Thee
Clothed in garment, spotless white
Ever living in Thy presence
Of the Lamb who is the light.

(Tune: “Come Thou Fount” p. 17)


28th – Lydia Lynn 30th – Isaac Steeves 30th – Mitch Steeves
2nd – Susan Holthaus 2nd – Kara Imes 3rd – Tom Brice
3rd – Kelly Byrd 4th – Jennifer Dent

“It is not good to eat much honey: so for men to search their own glory is not glory.” - Proverbs 25:27

“They all, with one consent began to make excuse” (Luke 14:18). This was their response toward attendance at the great feast the king made. They all had an excuse for not being there. If we are looking for excuses for not attending worship services, we can come up with perfectly justifiable reasons. Here is what is scary…if that is what we are after, the Lord may give us what we want! May we always be as “newborn babes”, desiring the sincere milk of the Word, that we may grow thereby. May we fear missing the preaching of the Word because we fear what we will miss. Christ has promised His presence in public worship. “Where two or three are gathered together in My Name, there am I in the midst of them.” Do I want to find an excuse to not be where He has promised to be? Lord, deliver me from that!


I fear trying to stir something up that God is not in. I also fear not stirring up what God is in, and using the sovereignty of God as an excuse for doing nothing. Paul said to Timothy, “Stir up the gift of God that is in thee.” (II Timothy 1:6). Rekindle the flame that seems to be dying out! We read in Haggai 1:14 of the Lord stirring the spirits of men so that they worked tirelessly for the rebuilding of the temple. We read in Exodus 35:21 that the people who gave toward the construction of the tabernacle were people, “whose heart stirred him up and everyone whom his spirit made willing.” Lord, stir my heart so that my heart stirs me. Enable me to fan the flame, and deliver me from being a dying ember.


Men give various reasons for their objections to election and particular redemption. But if the truth were known, all the objections men give would be seen to be a smokescreen to cover their real objection. They believe that salvation is in some way conditional upon human works. God’s sovereign election and effectual redemption takes away their hope. However, if you have no works to hope in, the fact that God elected a people without regard to their works, and Christ’s redemption of those elect ones is a completed act - in no way dependent upon their works, this is good news indeed!

This Scripture encourages the believer to trust and hope in the mercy of God AT ALL TIMES! It does not say, “If any man is holy, prayerful, and always faithful, he has an advocate”; but it says, “If any man SIN, he has an advocate with the Father.” If does not say, “If any man sins, he forfeits his right to Christ’s advocacy.” Grace that can be forfeited because of human failure is not grace at all. Mercy that is conditioned upon the merit of the creature is not mercy at all. If my title to glory rests upon my works, either BEFORE OR AFTER conversion, it is a total failure. This Scripture declares that at all times and under all circumstances, Jesus Christ is our righteousness, our sanctification, our advocate, and our redemption. So when I sin, when I consider my past or present and come creeping to my closet with a guilty conscience and an aching heart, I can rejoice in the mercy of my Father; for I have an advocate – JESUS CHRIST THE RIGHTEOUS (I John 2:1)!
-Pastor Henry Mahan


Assurance based upon personal holiness, personal graces, and personal works is nothing but self-righteousness and presumption. Lack of assurance, based upon lack of these things is also self-righteousness. True assurance is simple faith, trusting Christ alone for every particle of salvation and eternal acceptance with God. – Pastor Don Fortner